About Xiloro

Q.How can I pronounce Xiloro?

A: It's si-ro-ro (ʃiɾoɾo).

Q.What is Xiloro?

A: It is a music unit mainly making band style music. The game circle Chloro was originally making a game. And they thought that they would like to use a lot of rock music in the game. They thought "oh yeah, so that, let's write Chloro's game music!!" It is a self tie-up.

Q.Is it boring music without playing Chloro's game? game?

A: I think it is exciting for some people whether they played it or not.

Q.What is it after all? Is it a band?

A: It's almost a band. I will put out an album and I will do LIVE performances as well.

Q.Where can I listen to music?

A: Albums are being delivered via iTunes, Amazon music, LINE MUSIC, Spoify. You can also buy a CD at Amazon. Most recent songs will be announced at doujin music event M3 or Comic Market.

Q.Why do you prefer Aria Pro II?

A: I love various things including sound from shaping to the head. Please check with Aria's website for the origin of the name Aria Pro II. (Mokine)

Q.What about members?

A: ocal: Melty Guitar: Mokine & Takahiro We have three members.

Q.It seems that not become a band?

A: When live, summon the base UNNO ☆ and the drum Aoyama. They are very good player.

Q.Is it feel like B'z?

A: It is feel like B'z now.

Q.I heard that GLAY also does not have a drum member, doesn't it? drum member, doesn't it?

A: When I first noticed it, I was very surprised.

Q.Where do you play LIVE basically?

A: We play around Tokyo.

Q.How do you intend to expand the range of activities from now on? of activities from now on?

A: I'd like to do lots of live for the time being. In addition, we will constantly produce songs.

Q.Are you putting emphasis on public relations etc.? relations etc.?

A: It's pretty difficult so I am seeking various things.

Q.Could you tell me your contact information? information?

A: xiloro_info (at) chloro.space is the mail address. We will wait for comments and impressions.

Q.Please let me know if there are goals at the end. the end.

A: I want to do a one man live at Zepp Tokyo.